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Welcome to K.L.N.C.E!! Welcome to Madurai!!
by eee admin - Tuesday, 19 February 2019, 10:47 PM

EEE Department extends its Hearty Welcome to the members of NBA Committee.

by eee admin - Monday, 17 December 2018, 12:03 PM

All the Subjects of B.E - EEE are now live for development. All the staff members kindly login and start developing your courses. 



Available courses

Microprocessor Based System Design - RSD

  • Teacher: SRIDEVI R

Power Quality - Dr.MJ

  • Teacher: Jegadeesan M

Principles of Management - MB/Dr.SVN

  • Teacher: Balamurugan M
  • Teacher: Dr. Venkatanarayanan S

Special Electrical Machines - Dr.SV

  • Teacher: Dr. Venkatesan S

Protection and Switch Gear - Dr.APSR

  • Teacher: Dr. Ramalakshmi APS

Protection and Switch Gear - MJM

  • Teacher: Jeyamurugan M

High Voltage Engineering - NVRV/Dr.SPS

  • Teacher: Vimal N
  • Teacher: Dr. Parthasarathy S

Sensors and Transducers - KRJ

  • Teacher: Jeyavelumani KR

Sensors and Transducers - Dr.CVR

  • Teacher: Dr. Vimalarani C

Object Oriented Programming - AMJ

  • Teacher: Manoj A

Digital Signal Processing - MGK

  • Teacher: Ganesh Kumari M

Power Electronics - Dr.SV

  • Teacher: Dr. Venkatesan S

Power Electronics - RJP

  • Teacher: Jeyapandi Pratap R

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers - TG

  • Teacher: Gopu T

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers - SM

  • Teacher: Manoharan S

Power System Analysis - Dr.KG

  • Teacher: Dr. Gnanambal K

Transforms and Partial Differential Equations - Anand

  • Teacher: Anand V

Power Plant Engineering - Dr.CVR

  • Teacher: Dr. Vimalarani C

Electrical Machines - I - Dr.PLT/Sr.SMK

  • Teacher: Dr. Loganthurai P
  • Teacher: Dr.Kannan S M

Electromagnetic Theory - AM

  • Teacher: Marimuthu A

Digital Logic Circuits - RJP

  • Teacher: Jeyapandi Pratap R


  • Teacher: Jeyamurugan M

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